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16 Ways To Get A Positive "Money Mindset"

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Deciding to take control of your finances takes commitment, discipline, and determination. Much of the research and repetition needed can be overwhelming, so, you’re gonna need a cheering squad.

The primary part of your cheering squad is “you”. Let’s explore 16 ways to develop a positive money mindset:

#1: Determine your life values

Values are things that are important or have worth to you. Think about your values as you begin to create the blueprint for your financial goals.

Your values can change as your life circumstances change. So determine your values based on what is right for you.

You’re not going to have the same values at 50 that you had at 20. Even if you’re not married and have kids, your values just change over time. To develop a positive “money mindset”, think about what’s important to you.

#2: Set Goals For Your Money

Anything in life is best accomplished when you set a goal. Not having a goal is like driving in a car with no destination, besides wasting gas and mileage, where are you going?

Before you do a task, figure out what you want to produce. Saving money and accomplishing your financial goals is a task. Without a goal, you’ll have trouble completing it.

If you don’t reach the first goal, choose another goal. Having more than one is not a crime, and trying things until you find what’s right, takes wisdom and humility.

You will need these qualities to attain a positive “money mindset”.

#3: Make the commitment

It’s going to take hard work to reach your goals. Saving money, investing, making major purchases, starting a business, or just creating a budget, all require commitment.

Once you have your goal in mind, make the decision to accomplish it.

Give yourself a deadline! This will help keep you organized and focused.

#4: Decide to be financially successful

Women is happy looking out of a window because she is determined to have a positive money mindset.
Once you pick your values and set a goal, decide what you're going to do with that goal.

With all that being said, making the decision to be financially successful is your decision to make.

Don’t compare yourself to others, don’t let others decide what financial success looks like for you. Decide for yourself!

Whether it’s buying your first home, car, or just being smarter with how you spend what you have, make the decision and commit.

#5: Change Common Standards, Focus on what’s right for You

Changing the common standard of what you should have financially is pivotal. It’ll help you break free from social norms.

For example, it’s not the norm for a single 20 year old to think about real estate and investments. Most 20 year old's are thinking about hanging out and “enjoying life”. But if you find yourself wanting to build your financial portfolio at 20, you go right ahead. Ignore those who say you're too young to think about this.

Focus on what works for you and don’t let others dictate your financial standards based on their perception.

#6: Build A Personal Finance Community (help from others)

So, what exactly is a personal finance community? It is a host of individuals that are committed to helping you reach financial success.

They could be paid professionals or family and friends that you can count on to give you practical assistance and advice.

For example, you may need to get credit counseling to help you get out of debt. That’s ok. There's professionals that offer free advice and put you on the path to financial freedom by setting up a debt management plan and a host or other resources.

Maybe you have a setback on your financial journey, instead of taking out a payday loan, you may have a family member or friend that will loan you money until you are back on your feet.

You may need financial advice on which stocks to invest in or how to go about setting up a 401K. Your personal finance community are the “money smart” people you know that have studied or learned from experience and want to help.

Speaking of learning from experience………

#7: Follow Finance Influencers to improve your money mindset (bloggers, podcasters, social media groups)

I have personally learned so much by reading blogs and listening to the podcasts of some very “money smart” influencers. I mean these are people that have lived through some of the things that you may be struggling with.

Most of them are very honest and open about their mistakes and triumphs with their finances and want to share what they’ve learned to help you be a success.

They offer a host of free and paid online courses to help you get where you want to go, without the stress of thinking about money all the time.

Make them a part of your personal finance community.

Looking for a community, check out these awesome blogs:,,, and, just to name a few.

#8: Find Like Minded Associates (friends, family, etc.)

Group of friends are sitting on a bench, smiling because they share the same values.
Having supportive friends that share your values and goals will help you along your journey to financial success.

When you are making any type of change in your life. You need a support group. Deciding to be financially successful, no matter what that looks like for you, will require changes.

People that are not ready to change with you, will question and combat you for not keeping the routine or “holding the line”.

You may have to incorporate some like minded individuals in your circle of friends. These are the people that are going to encourage you not to buy the latest and greatest.

They will remind you that your money is best spent on that investment property or your savings account.

When I decided to retire and start my own wholesale property company, there were “friends” who thought I was going crazy. They projected their fears on me.

Get with those who share your goals and values about money. I knew I wanted to spend my time working in a different way. I wanted to have time for the things I valued.

#9: Never Fear Setbacks

Yes, you’re going to mess up. You’re going to give into temptation and spend money where and how you shouldn’t. You’re going to have emergencies and unexpected financial situations that will knock you off balance, but the key to overcoming this is never fear the setbacks.

A setback is not to be confused with failure. Creating a budget, saving money, investing in your first property, and building generational wealth, all came with setbacks for those who undertook these ventures.

You will get knocked down, sometimes by your own thoughts and actions, but get back up.

#10: Don't Settle For Financial Mistakes

If you hit a financial setback or you make a mistake, don’t settle. Don’t stay down when you fall. Many stories of the bloggers and podcasters, I’ve read and heard, have made the same mistakes we all make when starting our financial journey.

There is a solution to everything. I’ve read incredible stories of people who have had to file bankruptcy and have revived their finances.

You may not have to go to that extreme, but if you do, you can come back from it, if you pick yourself up and refuse to settle.

#11: “Money Affirmations”

When you get the strength to set your goal, commit, build your personal finance community, and overcome your fear of mistakes, you are going to need to keep feeding that beast.

Affirmations are things that we say or read that we want to believe about ourselves. Money affirmations are things we want to believe about ourselves in regards to our money.

In order to achieve it you have to believe you are worth it. A cool article to check out is “150 Money Affirmation” by Danny Newman.

I try to have a few of my favorite affirmations on sticky notes in front of my desk.

But remember, just saying them isn’t going to help. You have to say them and move with them. By this I mean, putting in the work to help you accomplish the affirmations.

I suggest you use the ones that are realistic to your goals and values. My goals and values aren’t about being rich, so those affirmations don’t appeal to me.

You may feel that you want to be rich, who am I to judge? Pick the affirmation that fits what you want to accomplish with your money.

#12: Unleash your mental limits about your money

This is a good one, because we tend to put limits on ourselves due to fear. We also do this with our money. We convince ourselves that wanting a better life and wanting more money is wrong or evil.

Think about it, who said you can’t buy a duplex or triplex for your first home and live in one unit and rent out the others, you decided this is how you want to build your wealth, don’t limit yourself by thinking, I’ll never afford the upkeep, or that’s thinking too big.

Also think about this, what’s wrong with taking your retirement or borrowing from your insurance, and using it to invest in yourself, using it to start your own company. If you don’t invest in you, who will.

People that have made moves like these, have no regrets. Stop putting limits on yourself and your money.

#13: Inspirational Stories

Good association through inspiration. Hearing how others overcame their ignorance of finances and learned to make better choices, will keep you motivated.

Again, not everyone has the same goals in life, pick inspirational stories that are aligned with your goals.

#14: Positive “Money Mindset” books and magazines

Lady reading a book on the things that interest her.
Get inspired by the wealth of knowledge from people who have been conquered their fears. Positive "money mindset" books or magazines can help.

Again, building community by having good association, inspiration and positive life experiences can help you attain your goals.

Some great books that will get your mind right about money and are also on audiobooks are, The Power Of Broke by Daymond John, The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear.

I like these books because they focus on habits and lifestyle changes you can develop to help you think about what you want in life, not so much on how to be rich. You don’t have to be wealthy to have good money habits.

Great magazines are Forbes Women and Money.

#15: Be Thankful

You can only go as far as you begin. If you start today, imagine where you will be with your finances in five years. If you start today, you will be closer to your first home tomorrow. But if you never start, you will never know how far you would have gotten.

Be thankful that you had the guts to start your positive financial journey, and help someone else along the way.

#16: Be Content (Stop Focusing On What Others Have)

This is my favorite positive thinking strategy, but it takes lots of practice. You may slip up from time to time, but bring yourself back to this one true fact: You can’t focus on what others are doing and what they have.

Be content with what you can do and with what you have accomplished. If you don’t, you will find yourself always feeling that you are not good enough.

You don’t have what they have, when they have it, if you think this way you are headed down a dangerous path.

You may not have thought about this, but you’re killing yourself and your positive “money mindset” with unnecessary stress.

How is your "money mindset" formed?

This depends on you and what you are trying to accomplish with your finances. Stop letting others tell you how to live!

Now don't go around stomping and shouting at people, this isn’t to get you all angry, LOL.

But I do want you to get bumped about finding your own path, take the advice of “money smart” people to become “money smart”.

Focus on these tips if you are just starting out, #2) Set Goals for your Money, #6) Build a Personal Finance Community, #16) Be Content

Things to avoid, and how?

Don’t get overwhelmed by what you have to do. Take one step at a time.

Start with one or two things from the list and focus on that for the week or month.

Pick one good blog, podcast, book, or magazine and focus on that for a week or month.

I built my personal finance community over time, I was able to accomplish my goals over time. I did not wake up one morning and had it all together.

So pace yourself, follow the tips above to develop a positive “money mindset'' and the rest will fall in line.

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