20 Cool Ways to Earn Cash From Home

Updated: Sep 6

Unfortunately, companies are not handing out raises anytime soon. Many Americans are giving themselves a raise with side hustles that allow them to work and spend more time at home.

20 ways to earn extra money from home

Studies show that:

  • 34% or one in three Americans have a side gig

  • At the same time, one-third run a side-hustle because they need to supplement their income

So what are some lucrative side hustles trending now and well into 2023 that you can do from home?

Sell Products on Amazon

Use Canva Free or Pro to create something extraordinary you know people use and then sell it on Amazon like these planners, made by Canva, self-published, and sold through Amazon. Your product is also eligible for Amazon Prime, so it’s a great way to make money.

If you create a planner or a cookbook, you can self-publish using KDP, allowing you to offer your product in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.

Create an Authors page to connect with people, and make a few videos promoting your excellent product that generates income.

Another way is to use Amazon to sell physical products through Amazon Big Ecommerce. If you want to sell or resell physical products, this may be something that you will enjoy.

You can purchase items wholesale from places like Dollar Days, then open your Amazon seller's account to start selling things.

Freelance writing for Websites

If you prefer to sell your skills and expertise, you can try Upwork or Fiverr.

These companies allow you just about anything; you can sell products, but what stands out is that you can sell your talents and services.

Making this successful means, you’ll offer services that have an enormous amount of value to others.

So do your research to see what that is in your area. People are making six-figure salaries working with these companies.

Start an Airbnb

I know many teachers I used to work with renting out rooms and homes on Airbnb.

The cool thing about Airbnb is you can start small with just a room in your home, off to the side of your home, over the garage, etc.

Have a home left to you by a family member, and you don’t want to get rid of it just yet, or maybe you don’t want the hassle of long-term renting?

Airbnb is the way to go! Some have been so successful this is now their primary source of income.

Make sure you research what Airbnb’s selling for in your area to determine what works for you.

Start a Youtube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is still an amazingly lucrative way to earn income. Everyone I know goes to YouTube to learn how to do anything they want.

Start a YouTube Channel to earn money from home.

YouTube never fails because you will, 99% of the time, find what you are looking for on YouTube.

Another thing to think about, most people are visual learners, so watching a how-to video is the first thing they’ll do when they want to learn.

If you have a skill or talent you want to share with the world, try starting a YouTube channel.

Work at Home as a Call Center

Most companies realize that answering calls and scheduling are jobs employees can do from home. Thanks for something, Pandemic!

I know many ladies that work from home answering and scheduling for companies right from the comfort of their living room or office.

First, check your area to see if local companies offer at-home call center work.

If you can’t find any, try these companies:

Online Tutoring

There is a misconception that you need a teaching certificate to tutor online, which is far from the truth.

Many online tutoring jobs teach English as a second language and don’t require a certificate or teaching experience.

Often, an online tutor is just teaching conversational English to an international student. So no worries if you don’t have a background in academics.

The only thing they require is that you speak fluent English.

Become a Photographer

You can become a photographer whether you have former training or not. It depends on the level you want to take your business to.

Most people that pursue this career have an “eye” for visual arts; this might be you.

Others need some training and polishing, so they invest in photography classes.

Either way, this is a good job that allows you to work less and stay home more.

Photography is a great side hustle to earn extra money.

Deliver Groceries

Instacart and Shipt hit another level of popularity during the Pandemic; believe it or not; these services are still in high demand.

So if you like to drive and shop, you may want to look into delivering groceries as your work-from-home job.

If you don’t have these more prominent companies in your town, you can ask your local grocery stores if they offer freelance grocery delivery.

Manage Social Media for Small Business

If you're tech-savvy and love social media, you can land a job as a social media manager for small businesses.

Social Media manager is a great way to show off your talents, stay home and play on social media all day.

Research your area, create a media kit and ask local companies if they need your services to help grow their business.

If they're not working with someone, they’re likely not going to turn you down.

Who wouldn’t want to grow their business?

Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a slow, sure way to make income. Notice I said slowly; this does not happen overnight.

The average blog takes about six months to a year to yield real profits. But if you have a topic you're passionate about and want to share with the world; you’ll love starting a blog.

Do your research because you have to know how to get your blog noticed by search engines to get viewers, but you can do it.

But a few hours of work per week, you will have a side hustle that could turn into primary income.

Create Online Courses

You can create an online course if you want to teach someone a skill you have or teach a subject.

There are so many online course platforms, so make sure you research the one that works for you.

Once you create your course, you can promote what you have to offer on your social media platforms.

Write an Ebook

Always wanted to publish an ebook? Well, now you can, with the help of KDP and CreateSpace, both offered by Amazon.

Instead of waiting for a big publishing company to see you in the crowd, self-publish your ebook in multiple forms using KDP.

Who knows, the fantastic sales record you get from self-publishing may cause significant publishing companies to notice your work.

It’s a start!

Become a personal chef

Are you a talented good? You could become a personal chef by offering to cook and prep meals for others.

You can advertise your expertise on social media, as you have undoubtedly seen yourself on Instagram and TikTok, and start there.

Personal Chef is a side hustle you can do from home to earn extra money

If you don’t want to hustle on your own or want to build a portfol