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20 Cool Ways to Make Money From Home

Updated: Apr 20

Unfortunately, companies are not handing out raises anytime soon. Many Americans are giving themselves a raise with side hustles that allow them to make money from home and spend more time with family.

20 ways to earn extra money from home

Studies show that:

So what are some lucrative side hustles trending in 2023 that will give you ways to make money from home?

Sell Products on Amazon

Use Canva Free or Pro to create something extraordinary you know people use and then sell it on Amazon.

For example, planners made by Canva, self-published, and sold through Amazon. Your product is also eligible for Amazon Prime, so it’s a great online job to work from home.

If you create a planner or a cookbook, you can self-publish using KDP, allowing you to offer your product in paperback or hardcover on Amazon.

Create an Authors page to connect with people, and make a few videos promoting your excellent product that generates income.

Another way is to use Amazon to sell physical products through Amazon Big E-commerce. If you want to sell or resell physical products, this may be something that you will enjoy.

You can purchase items wholesale from places like Dollar Days, then open your Amazon seller's account to start selling things.

Freelance writing for Websites

If you prefer to sell your skills and expertise, you can try Upwork or Fiverr for jobs to work online from home.

These companies allow you just about anything; you can sell products, but what stands out is that you can sell your talents and services.

Making this successful means, you’ll offer services that have an enormous amount of value to others.

So do your research to see what that is in your area. People are making six-figure salaries working with these companies.

Trust me. These jobs are jobs to work from home that are legit!

Start an Airbnb

I know many teachers I used to work with renting out rooms and homes on Airbnb to make money on the side.

The cool thing about Airbnb is you can start small with just a room in your home, off to the side of your home, over the garage, etc.

Have a home left to you by a family member, and you don’t want to get rid of it just yet, or maybe you don’t want the hassle of long-term renting?

Airbnb is the way to go! Some have been so successful this is now their primary source of income.

Make sure you research what Airbnb’s selling for in your area to determine what works for you.