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20 Grants You Could Apply For If You're A Small Business Owner

Starting and growing a small business can be challenging!

Finding funding to chase your dreams can be the biggest challenge.

Fortunately, there are a variety of grants available to help entrepreneurs get the financial support they need.

Need a grant for your small business, don't be afraid to try these 20 grants available for you now!

Let's dive into 20 small business grants I think will help!

Types of Grants and How They're Funded

Before I give you all the juicy info on the grants I researched, let's dive into the different of grants available.

There are basically three types of grants available for business owners:

Government grants-

which are funded by federal or state governments

Private grants-

which are funded by corporations, foundations, or other organizations.

Industry-Specific grants-

such as grants for women-owned businesses or grants for minority-owned businesses.

Understanding the types of grants can help you narrow down your search and find the best opportunities tailored to your business.

What to Know Before You Appy?

Now that you've chosen the right grant for your business, it's time to prepare to get a "yes".

This comes from creating a solid business plan and grant proposal.

What to include in your business plan?

Your business plan should outline your company’s

  • goals,

  • target market,

  • competition, and

  • financial projections.

Your grant proposal should clearly explain how you plan to use the grant funds.

Be sure to follow the application guidelines closely and provide all required documentation, including:

  • financial statements,

  • tax returns, and

  • any necessary permits or licenses.

Remember, each grant requirement is specific to the type of grant and/or the organization that's providing the grant.

So follow the application guidelines provided by the grant organization carefully.

Make sure to read all the grant requirements carefully to ensure the best chance of getting approved.

Additionally, be sure to provide clear and concise information in your application and address any questions or concerns the grant organization may have.

By following the guidelines and presenting a strong proposal, you can increase your chances of receiving your moolah.

Popular Grants for Small Businesses

Grants and Links

Grant Writing Resources

Many of the grants listed offer grant-writing resources, but in case you want to DIY your grant proposals, here is a cool resource:

Want to outsource the task? Try this:

Major Take Away

After submitting your small business grant application, it’s important to follow up and track your progress.

Don't be afraid to reach out to the grant organization to confirm receipt of your application and check in on your proposal status.

Also, keep in mind your first application may not lead to results, so keep at it.

Consider creating a spreadsheet or other tracking system to monitor your grant applications and outcomes.

By staying organized and proactive, you can increase your chances of success in securing a small business grant.


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Pachina Hills
Pachina Hills
May 29, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

We are small business owners. Thanks so much for this informative article we will start applying for grants now. Thanks again

Frugal Girl Guru
Frugal Girl Guru
May 29, 2023
Replying to

So glad this could help. There're so many more I will write another article about them. But definitely try any of these.

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