30 Ways To Save Money

Updated: Aug 16

Lady is happy holing all the money she save in her hand.
Saving money will bring your unimaginable joy, especially when you realize how easy it can be.

Most people dislike the idea of saving money because they think it means living like some type of hermit. But when you consider some of these money saving tips you would be surprised at how simple it could be.

You don’t have to live like you're in the forest off the grid. Saving money can help you live a better life and have more money for the things you really want in life.

In this article, I have found 30 ways to save money that anyone can do. In fact, you can start today!


The best way to save money is not to get into debt in the first place. But since that is nearly impossible, managing your debt is the next best thing.

Keeping track of what you owe will help you save money. You will know who your money is going to and when they expect to have it. This will allow you to not waste your money on past due payments.

If you have let things get out of hand, you are not alone. You still have time to get it together. Get free credit counseling. They will help you with a debt management plan that will work for your life.


There are several different types of budgets out there, so budgeting can be overwhelming. But it is important to have some type of budget for your household.

Budgets allow you to know exactly where you are hemorrhaging money by paying too much for everyday items. When you can see what you are spending you tend to hold yourself accountable for overspending.

I like the fact that there are so many budgets out there because there is a plan for every type of person.

Choose a budget that works for you. I would even recommend switching your budgeting methods if you feel things are getting too monotonous.

Whatever you do, budget!

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Saving money works best if you have a savings account. You may think that this is a no brainer, but many people opt out of getting a savings account when they apply for a checking account.

Maybe you don’t have a checking account either! No worries, there are so many types of saving options that you can look into to help you hold onto your money.

Please note, your mattress is not a savings account!

Do your research and find a type of savings account that you are comfortable with. If you don’t get one, where are you going to put all that bank you're accumulating from budgeting!


Lowering the thermostat in the winter can save you about 5 to 15 percent on your utility bill. This of course depends on the amount that you lower it. The average is about 3 percent for every degree. So to save 15 percent on your bill you can lower the thermostat 5 degrees.

I know right!

For a simple math lesson, if you pay $100 a month on utilities, you could reduce your bill by $15 a month. That's $180 a year and that’s no chump change!

This works for summer months as well, especially when you leave the house. Why not, if no one is home?


If you work away from home this is a great way to save money. You may be thinking, well, I just buy from the value menu.

But it all adds up!

Its ok if you treat yourself every now and then, but eating out for lunch everyday is hurting your bank.

Watch that vending machine as well! Try this for a week and you will see the immediate savings.


Creating a budget will help you limit your miscellaneous spending. Ever get cash out of your account that was meant for one thing, but you have no clue where the money went.

Yeah that is miscellaneous spending!

Spending money on things you didn't mean to spend money on and you definitely didn’t need.

This can easily happen if you don’t have a budget. This will take some practice and you may slip up a few times. But keeping track of your spending is a great way to not waste.

Money not wasted, is money saved!


Cutting back on groceries will help you save. We all know that groceries are expensive due to inflation, but cutting back will help.

Now, you might say, well I barely get anything and I still feel like I spend too much.

But, look again!

Did you really only get the items on your list?

A tip that I learned to help combat overspending on groceries, is taking advantage of grocery pickup.

Ordering my groceries online and picking them up, helps stop the temptation of buying things you did not budget for.

Especially if you have kids, when I started doing this I was able to finally stick to my grocery list.

Try it!


Check to make sure that you don’t have subscriptions that you aren’t using. You know the ones that you signed up for to get the free trial, but forgot about. Look at your bank statement right now to make sure you don’t have any of those costing you money every month.

I even cancel the subscriptions during times that we don’t watch TV very often. For example, when school is in session, the kids are limited on the TV they can watch. Cancel those subscriptions!

You can pick them back up at any time, they will be happy to have you back!


If you live in an area where you get good internet service, cut that cable off. You are not even watching half the channels you have. Try getting rid of cable and keeping the internet.

Most of the channels you watch have their own streaming channel. Try this and see the savings role in.

Streaming channel originals have some of the best shows out there anyway!


This is literally your big break! With this large sum of money you get to start over. Instead of buying a new piece of furniture or going on a shopping spree, put it in your savings account.

Even if you are not getting as much as your friend with kids, don’t feel bad. Stay in your lane and take what you have and put it away!

You will be surprised at how lifesaving, having this little stash can be.


I know you have been with this insurance company since you first started driving. But you have to let that nostalgia go. Shop around for better rates. They are out there waiting for you.

You could be sleeping on $20 to $30 average per month.

Another tip, it may be cheaper to pay for your road side assistance program separately, do your homework.

It is worth it!


Let’s just say you do like to shop. Getting a discount app on your phone or computer can save you money. Capital one has a program that automatically applies coupons when you make purchases at certain stores.

If you don’t do a lot of online shopping you can still download coupon apps to your phone for the places you like to shop.

Yes you are still couponing, but just a bit cooler!


Please tell me you are not still under contract when it comes to your cell phone bill. Ok , great, because you don’t have to live like that way anymore.

Try shopping around for cheaper cellular service!

This is easier nowadays because you can keep your phone and phone number if you do it right.

Most of the larger cell phone carriers own these smaller no contract companies, so you are getting the same service for a much cheaper price.


Try doing it yourself when it comes to small projects around the house. Hanging the TV mount or building the bookshelf for your little side of the fireplace nook, are all projects that you can do yourself with a little help from YouTube.

Beware of larger professional projects that require skill, like plumbing or electrical work. These projects can cost you more if they are not done right.

They can also be dangerous! So again, stay in your lane. Safety first.


Even if you are not going to Starbucks every morning you may think that your coffee bill is not adding up. Well it is, try purchasing your favorite coffee at the store and get the little creamers and enhancers that you like, and just make your coffee at home.

That money will add up!


Staycations are nothing to sleep on. They can be quite fun and exciting. When you have lived in a city all your life, you sometimes don’t take the time to see your city as a tourist.

Try to set up a tourist experience in your own city as your next vacation. If you live in a rural area try the nearest largest city where you live.

I lived in New Orleans all my life, but when I would take my friends from out of state to see the city, it made me realize just how much my city has to offer.

Try to be a visitor to your own city, not only will you save money but you will gain a new found affection for your hometown.


Offerup is my new best friend. I am too lazy to have a garage sale, so I try to sell items I don’t want or use anymore on Offerup.

You can walk around your home and snap a picture of what you want to sell and wait for someone to contact you about it.

If you don’t feel comfortable about strangers knowing where you live, you can offer to meet them in a busy place to exchange items.


If you are really trying to buy less clothing and items that you don’t need, try taking a break from social media.

Social media is designed to push merchandise at the consumer to get them to buy.

They know what they are doing because they conduct numerous studies and it really works.

Taking a break from social media for a few weeks will help you resist temptation to buy.

Especially, if you are just starting your money saving journey!


This could be a tough one because most people don’t carry cash anymore. But for those of us that do, saving your coin can be a great way to save money.

Don’t doubt the power of the coin, those little babies add up. If you are put off by the thought of having to count it and wrap it, no worries.

There are counting machines inside your local Walmart that charge a reasonable fee if you can take them to your bank, and they will count them and deposit them for you.


Late fees can pile on you very quickly. Sometimes we get so caught up on paying the bills, we don’t stop to think about the harm in paying them late.

This fee can sneak up on you and slyly cost you hundreds of dollars each year.

Try putting your bills on autopay. This way you will eliminate late fees and save money.


There are so many things you can do for free that you may not have even thought about. Check your local listings to see when museums and festivals are hosting free events.

Saving money does not mean you have to be stuck in the house. Get out and enjoy yourself without hurting your pockets.

Save your free samples when you get certain products. They pile up and before you know it you have brand new products.

Another tip, take your friend up on their offer to accompany them to the gym when they have a free pass for a family or friend.


If you are a book lover, don’t sleep on the library. If you like audio books, the library has those as well with their online services.

This is also a great way to avoid clutter in your home. Those books will start to pile up!


Want to still get everyone awesome thoughtful gifts for the holidays and special occasions?

Try virtual cards, you can design them with tools like Canva for free, or you can have someone that you know that's really tech savvy make them.