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Best Hair Products for Curly Hair

Updated: Apr 20

I've been a “curly girl” since 2005 when I decided to grow out of my relaxed hair.


I must say this has been the best decision I’ve made, although at first my family and friends did not understand it.

I tried going natural before in my late teens with no success. I came from a family where the women had to have hair that was “fried and laid to the side.”

But by the time I was a full-grown adult, pregnant with my first child, I could no longer take crying in the corner while this unknown chemical was burning the life out of my scalp.

I had finally had enough and took matters into my own hands and stopped relaxing my hair.

I decided to accept my hair as beautiful and let it all hang out.

During that time, though, there were not very many hair products for natural hair. But I stuck to my guns and am elated by all the options my fellow curlyheads have.

Through the years, I have tried so many products and spent so much money. I quickly learned that to stay hair sane and financially sane, I had to focus my attention on what works for my hair and stick to it.

Here are a few products I’m using now and why I have stuck with them for years.

Best products to grow your natural hair.

These products have helped me maintain my hair’s health and length while satisfying the few components that make up the overall care and style of natural hair.

  • Care consists of Moisture, Retention, Strength, and Scalp Health.

  • The style consists of: Wash n Go, protective styles, sets, and edges.

Products that helped grow my hair:

Because I’ve been natural for so long, I've jumped at every new product that came on the market.

If I found a product that worked, it seemed like the formula was changed t and it didn't continue to do what it was doing before.

But trust me, if you are still searching, this is not an article to deter you from your quest.

Just like I had to search until I found what worked for me, you have to find what works for you. Hopefully, this article will give you some options to keep in mind.

The products that I used left my hair wanting more. It was weak, my scalp was dry and flakey, and on wash day, I was losing balls and balls of hair.

My last big chop was 3 years ago, as shown in the picture. I even had scalp issues and balding, as you can see in the middle photo.

So here is my full review of Pattern Beauty's products.

It wasn’t until I started using Pattern Beauty Treatment Mask 3 years ago that I noticed my hair gained strength and the shedding so much went down tremendously.

Pattern Beauty Treatment Mask

Treatment Mask and Conditioner

When I used Pattern Beauty Hair Treatment for the very first time during the pandemic, I immediately noticed that my hair felt different.

But honestly, I was still skeptical. I used it repeatedly and noticed a big difference in the strength of my hair.

I also purchased the Pattern Beauty Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner for Tight Texture Hair. But the shampoo was nothing to “brag home to mama” about.

So I started using Mimuso Rice Water Shampoo Bar. It gives a great lather and leaves your scalp clear of product build-up.

The conditioner was great. I love how it maintained my hair’s strength while adding moisture.

Pattern Beauty Conditioner for Tight Textures

I really feel that hair moisture should come from the conditioner and not the styling products. Styling products should help you maintain the moisture your hair already has.

Pattern’s Hair Mask and Conditioner for Tight Texture gives my hair that moisture, so my styling products don't have to work so hard. After about a month of using these products, I lost way less hair than I did before.

Styling Products

Because the condition’s worked so well with my hair and I noticed a change immediately, I decided to give the Pattern Beauty styling products a try.

Before, I would style my hair at home, think I was the bomb, and by the time I got to work, walking from my car to my classroom, 5 minutes tops, my hair would be a hot frizzy mess.

I live down south in Louisiana, and the humidity does not care about your hair or your life.

I used ECO Styler gel with my other hair styling creams to help with that, but it was doing nothing for the health of my hair. This was affecting my hair strength and retention. I also noticed my other products would leave a flaky coat on my hair.

I wanted it all, no frizzy, strength, hair retention, and no flakiness. Pattern Beauty has given me that for the past 3 years.

The Pattern Beauty Styling Cream impressed me. No flakey coat.

So I used the styling cream for a while until the Pattern Beauty Custard was launched. I really liked this product for my twist-outs and my wash n go’s.

I loved the elongation and how strong my hair felt. I can not stress enough how Pattern Beauty Products gives your hair immediate strength.

Now I use the Pattern Beauty Custard and add the Strong Hold Gel for the summer when it gets really humid.

I still use the Pattern Beauty Styling Cream to refresh my ends.

Products for Scalp Care

Another important component of natural hair is scalp health. I often ignored my scalp and wondered why my hair would get to a certain point and stop growing.

I learned this would not get me results if I didn’t change. Since Pattern Beauty conditioners and styling products worked so well, I decided to try the scalp serum.

I must say I used it for a while but did not like the way it made my scalp feel. I felt the tingle, and that’s not what bothered me.

It made my hair feel wet. I realize that it is mostly for relief for protective styles, so maybe that’s why I didn’t like it. I don’t wear tight protective styles.

Anyway, I made a switch to