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Best Sweater Finds of the Season

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

It's finally "Sweater Weather" for all. I know most of you fabulous people up North have had cool weather for a while, but we Southern folks are just starting to break out the sweaters.

Fall and Winter have always been my favorite season and most of that weighs heavily on the fashion that comes with the cool breeze.

While I'm a girl who loves to look good, what really gets me going is looking good on a budget.

So if you have to update your wardrobe as I have, don't sleep on these beautiful affordable sweaters I've found.

Pullover Sweaters

I'm in love with a good pullover sweater with some jeans. Here are some really cozy pullover sweaters that come in an assortment of colors and styles. I know your gonna love this.

This eye-catching sweater has this awesome stitch pattern on the front and back. The fabric is a soft blended fabric with the perfect amount of texture.

It comes in an assortment of colors, make it your own as you pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and some cute healed boots.

This multi-pattern v-neck sweater is my absolute favorite. This style comes in gold as you see in the picture and it also comes in sage green.

But honestly, this is my favorite color.

I love this sweater because it'll dress up your look instantly, especially when you need to make a statement but don't have the energy mentally to construct an outfit.

I paired this textured knit pullover sweater with some cute black tights.

I adore the short sleeves on this because I wanted to spruce up my sweater collection with sweaters that didn't give a seater vibe.

If you're looking for a spin on your winter wardrobe you're definitely gonna love this sweater. It also comes in two other colors.

Not to sound cliche, but this heart crew neck sweater warmed my heart. LOL!

I just really liked the soft knit of this sweater, it's cozy and I love the length of the sleeves. I like to have a few sweaters where the sleeve goes past my wrist.

I'm a little weird that way. But also like to pair this with my favorite regular washed baggy jeans, so I'm normal that way.

Button Down Cardigan Sweaters

I love a good cardigan sweater no winter wardrobe is complete without a few.

This long v-neck cardigan is soft and cozy but still allows you to show off the cool t-shirt you're rocking underneath.

Three things I love about this chunky cable knit sweater: the color assortment, the button detail, and the height.

It comes in nine beautiful colors, and I just think the button details give it a retro classiness.

I also like my dressy sweaters to be shorter to show my curves. I find that if I don't have a shorter jacket or sweater when I wear a dress, I could look frumpy.

But this sweater accentuates my small waist.

No Button Cardigans

This cute open classic cardigan comes in two solid colors: black and papyrus beige. But comes in three multi-color looks.

I wear this to work to spruce up my look or rock it with a pair of my favorite skinny jeans. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

I love this coatigan over some faux leather tights and a pair of heeled boots. And no.....I did not make up the word "coatigan". It's a real thing. LOL!

Hooded Sweaters

These have turned out to be my favorite kinds of sweaters. Hooded sweaters! I love a good hoodie and I love sweaters, so why not combine them...................this is genius.

This cable knit hooded sweater is cozy and soft because it's lined with fleece. It's great when the winter winds creep up on you.

Now taking a different spin on the hooded sweater is this horn button knitted sweater.

It's a bit more casual than the first hooded sweater, but both are great when you need a little protection from the wind.

I love these with my favorite tee and jeans.

Major Take Away

While I'm soooooo excited that "sweater weather" is finally here, I encourage you not to go crazy with these adorably chic sweaters.

You're gonna wanna buy them all, but I wouldn't be the frugal friend that I am if I let you do that.

So pick one or two and enjoy "sweater weather" in style.

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