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Gifts To Remind Your Teen You’re Still Cool

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

If you're anything like me, finding the perfect gift for the one you love can be both exciting and cause a bit of anxiety.

Especially, when I'm shopping for my teens.

But one thing I've learned about teens is not to assume you know what they're thinking. You have to observe their behavior, ask questions, and listen to them.

With that being said, I've gathered intel from some awesome teens in my life, the result?

The ultimate idea list of gifts for both girls and boys.

Gifts to Pair Together

These gifts are so reasonably priced, you may get to pair them or mix and match them, for the perfect little gift basket.

So, here's what I'm thinking since these awesome items are less than $20, they would make a great gift basket for the teen in your life.

These assorted colored silk scrunchies are great for anyone on the go who likes to make sure their scrunchie goes with their outfit, never a problem because there're so many colors to choose from.

And yes! get all 60 for less than $20.

The make-up bag is so cute and has a separate space to put your brushes and keep them protected. Just under $11, they come in three additional colors.

Then there's these Jibbitz by Crocs, teens love these things. They're currently on sale putting them just under $13, but even if they weren't on sale they're still a steal.

Lastly, in this bunch are these Apple watch replacement bands. They're priced at just under $7, so you probably won't be able to buy just one.

Gifts Just Under $100

Everyone loves gifts that show you know their personality, teens are no different. But their personality's always changing.

But my research shows that teens love these Croc Crush boots that also come in pink, black, green, and yellow.

They go great with the Jibbitz by Crocs and they may not look like much to you, but teens love these things.

Another great gift for teens is these cool little affirmation notebooks to doodle in and write down their thoughts.

Are right down ways to defy you every day!

Switching gears to the guys or still the girls depending on what they like are these Pokeman cards they can collect or trade.

Yes, teens still collect and trade Pokeman cards. Trust me I know firsthand.

Another thing they still do is build Lego and when they build they go big. I love the themed Legos because they can build them and shelve them for display.

I chose the Spiderman theme for display but there is no limit to the themes Lego has. So search around and don't limit your teen.

Oh and let's not forget skateboarding, these skateboards for beginners are sturdy and stylish.

And!...... Can be for any sex.

Aren't these just the coolest boards ever? And great for a teen that doesn't fully commit to their hobbies because they're young and carefree.

Tech Gifts for Under $200

Now let's get to everyone's favorite part, the tech. Everyone loves some great, useful, functional, and fun technology.

Teens, especially. So this Black Friday don't sleep on these deals. All for under $200.

These Sony noise-canceling headphones are wireless so no worries about getting tangled in the cords.

Great for teens always on the go.

Then, you can turn any phone into the ultimate gaming system with these Backbone One PlayStation snap-in controllers. They can be used with any games that support controllers.

Talk about gaming on the go. Great deal for a little under $100.

Next on the list is this Virtual Reality gaming system. These can be on the pricey end but with the deals going on you can gift this to your teen for just under $200.

It includes a PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Camera, PlayStation Camera adaptor, 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers, Marvel’s Iron Man VR Voucher, and PlayStation®VR Demo Collection 3 voucher.

Just to get you started. LOl!

The last three items are for your teen that's a serious gamer, like mine. This corner gaming desk is just under $100 and saves so much space with its design.

It also pairs great with this 27-inch gaming monitor, now what's the difference between this monitor and a regular monitor? I could care less.

But as my 17 and 14-year sons explained it's all about the picture quality. To them, it matters, so it matters to me.

Also, the price is not bad at under $170.

And last, of the last, you have to have a gaming keyboard. And before you think its just about the lights, think again.

This keyboard allows players to store their gaming profile and adjust the volume without pausing their game.

This is a big deal! As I was told by my teens. LOL!

Major Take Away

Shopping for your teen can be hard, but we're in this together. I'm confident about the intel I've gathered, so you're welcome.

And, Happy Savings!

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