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Patio Upgrade on a Budget

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Now our patio was like a patio should be, a rectangle. But we wanted to make it inviting and add more space on a budget.

I priced pouring concrete, but with inflation, this would have cost us about $4000 and more.

This was not even considering the furniture and pergola I wanted to add. I decided to try a different approach.

I saw on Pinterest that many folks made beautiful rock patios to build or extend their outdoor living spaces.

We did the same. Here's what we did and how we saved thousands!

Measure and Dig Your Space

Because we decided to do this project ourselves, we had to measure and dig our space.

We also covered the area with cardboard and weed-blocking fabric.

Next, we found a cool wholesale stone place that was reasonable, so we purchased rock and stone at wholesale prices.

Best decision ever!

It cost us about $500 dollars to extend our patio. $300 for 4 yards of rock and 2 pallets of stone. $200 for delivery, I know that's crazy, but I was not messing up my car with all this rock.

So once we spread and flattened the rocks, it was time to add some furniture to the space.

Have Fun With Your New Space

I found a few furniture pieces that I'm proud of, and that didn't break the bank.

I wanted to find pieces that were easy to assemble (because who has time for that) and wouldn't clutter the space.

I ended up at Lowe's, and I found this cute Acacia wood daybed with extendable sides.

Throw pillows were a separate purchase from TJ Max.

Then I purchased two simple wood-framed patio chairs to finish the look.

I picked these pillows for the chairs from TJ Max and Amazon, and I bought the tables from Five and Below. I found these cute yellow-leg rest slash seats from Amazon.

The rug came from Walmart and is actually a reversible rug. I love multi-purpose stuff.

I'm partial to the leafy side, so decided to use it to bring this look together.

The next stage of the patio was the addition. Now that I found a cost-effective way to extend it. I needed to give it some pizazz.

I ordered these Adirondack chairs, and would you believe they were less than $60 a piece?

These chairs were delivered fast and were easy to install. They hold 350 lbs., so I made my husband test them out (he's 6'4 and 320 lbs.). He didn't break them yet. LOL!

I ordered this cool sectional that can be attached or stand-alone to create an outdoor dining area. It cost us about $600.

I haven't added the pergola yet but will make that a future project; so far, I've created a space I can be proud of for 1/3 of the cost.

Major Take Away

I'm not done with this space; there're a few things I want to add, like the pergola I mentioned before and another firepit that can double as a table in front of the sectional.

But one thing I've learned when you're living frugally is you don't have to have everything at once.

Give your wallet a minute to rest and wait to get the best deals to have what you want.

I'll update this article as I add the final touches.

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