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15 Unique Jewelry Pieces to Make Them Say "Wow"!

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

I love shopping, but I also love saving my money. With deals on Etsy, I can do both, because frugal living doesn't have to be boring.

I'm also looking on Esty for a steal because It gives me a way to not only find unique pieces but also allows me to support small businesses.

One thing about a small business is you're going to get good customer service because they NEED you to come back.

So here are a few pieces of jewelry I've acquired on Esty that get a "Wow" every time. With the shopping season fast approaching, I know you will find something to shower your loved ones with.

14K Gold Unique Stylish Dainty Signed Ring

14K Gold Unique Stylish Dainty Signed ring, Boho Wide parallel ring, Big Open Circle Aesthetic Oversize Ring

If you love big statements, your gonna love these Boho Wide parallel Rings or Big Open Circle Aesthetic Oversize Rings, or whatever you want to call them.

The point is they're super cute and if you are rocking a nice simple black dress, you definitely won't be simple with this beautiful statement piece on your finger.

Coin Necklace with Initial Engraving

Initial Necklace . Coin Necklace in Gold, Silver or Rose Gold . Perfect Gift

These necklaces come in Gold, Silver, or Rose Gold and are perfect personalized gifts to give someone you love. They stand out without overpowering the look. I like this necklace also because you can wear it to a dressy or casual occasion.

Laurel Nature Jewelry Branch Ring

I love this branch ring because it's simple and elegant. It works great for layering, and the leaf branch reminds me to chill and be peaceful. I don't know why it just does. It comes in silver and rose gold and is adjustable.

Slim Minimalist Earrings

Slim Minimalist Rose Gold Earrings- Rose Gold Skinny Bar Earrings - Simple Bar Dangle Earrings - Rose Gold Bar Earrings- Gift For Her

These rose gold skinny bar earrings are beautiful and make a statement.

The simple hang is great and noticeable when you're wearing your hair down and long enough to stand out with an updo.

Sometimes the simplest pieces speak the loudest.

These earrings come in gold, silver, and rose gold.

Delicate hand-gilded fox bangle and Origami Earrings

Delicate hand-gilded fox bangle. Fox and tail, hand gilded and enameled. Adjustable wrap bangle.

So this little fox and tail adjustable wrap bangle have to be my first all-time favorite piece. My second is the Origami Fox dangle earrings made by the same seller.

Origami Fox dangle earrings. Hand painted and gilded. Light weight.

Put this on with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, then turn around and pair it with your favorite party dress. You may have noticed this cute little pair is my most fav.

Clear Crystal Earrings

Rose gold Earrings Rose GOLD Earrings Rose Gold Jewelry Bridesmaid gift Clear Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry Wedding Gift Mothers Day Gift

This is probably the cutest little simple fancy piece of jewelry I've seen in a minute.

These clear crystal earrings are a perfect gift for bridesmaids, mothers day, or any special occasion.

They come in a variety of finishes and can be purchased with their necklace and bracelet set.

I also really like that these earrings have a clip-on option too.

The Golden Maple Leaf Earrings | Ravenstone | Nickel-Free Jewelry

These maple leaf nickle-free earrings are a subtle gold, almost rustic, and are a fairly decent size. I would say they're about medium size. I was shocked at the size bigger than the big and would make a beautiful present for yourself or a friend.

You're My Person Bracelet

Friend Gift, Best Friend Birthday Gift, Best Friend Bracelet, Greys Anatomy Gift, Best Friendship Gift, You're My Person Bracelet

The name of this bracelet alone had me hooked, Your My Person Bracelet made me have to buy it for my sisters and my bestie.

The price is so reasonable and it comes in a variety of finishes. You can engrave any message you want so this is a really inexpensive way to give a personalized gift to someone that's special to you.

Dainty Minimalist Jewelry by Blissaria

Hammered Gold Earrings, Small Gold Disc Earrings UK, Tiny Gold Dot Earrings Dainty Minimalist Jewelry Birthday Gift for Her by Blissaria

These earrings are very dainty but they're a beautiful addition to any minimalist collection.

These are handmade hammered gold earrings.

They come in one finish but are the perfect alternative if you're tired of rocking studs.

Family Linked Circle Necklace

Family Necklace • Personalized Gift • Linked Circle Necklace • Custom Children Name Rings • Eternity Necklace

I bought this Family Linked Circle Necklace and had my husband and son's names engraved on them.

It of course has many finishes and you can personalize the engravings.

I appreciated this gift as a mother and think it is a great gift for mothers.

Delicate Name Stacking Rings

Custom Delicate Name Ring • Custom Stacking Rings • Skinny Custom Ring

So unfortunately you're not going to get all four of these rings at once.

But this is not a dealbreaker, this skinny delicate custom ring comes in several finishes, and can be personalized with engravings.

I think it goes great with other rings too so you don't have to stack them all with each other to look cute.

Minimalist Circle Earrings

Circle Earrings | simple drop earrings, simple silver circle earrings, simple gold earrings, Minimalist Earrings, gold round earrings, hoop

Again these circle earrings are a great alternative to studs.

They are petite and subtle and will go with any casual or dressy look you have going on.

This picture is a close-up. They are small, barely there, but look great and can be layered with other earrings.

They come in only one finish, gold.

Tarnish Resistant Gold Huggie

Gold Earrings, Square Hoop Earrings, Dainty Earrings, Hypoallergenic, 18k Gold Filled, Tarnish Resistant, Minimalist, Gold Huggie

These are my favorite because the price is so right, but also they are tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic.

These jewelry cute square hooped earrings are yet another great alternative to studs.

No, I don't have anything against studs, lol. I just used to be obsessed with studs and didn't realize there were other options.

Now I learned to switch things up a bit.

Major Take Away

I love buying unique pieces of jewelry from Esty, I have yet to be disappointed and even when things did not go right the customer service has kept me returning for more awesome finds.

I try my best to purchase jewelry that won't tarnish quickly and so far I've done well. But over time jewelry just tarnishes.

I found great ways to clean my tarnished jewelry that I want to share along with these beautiful unique long-lasting pieces I found.

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